Okra-health care upstart popular in the world

Okra is also named lady’s finger, abelmoschus esculentus and solanum ferox and known as “hot pepper” in folk, native to Africa. In the early 20th century, it was introduced to China from India. Currently, okra has been popular in the world as a high-grade health care vegetable that people desire. Fruit pods constitute its edible part divided into two types - green and red. They are crisp and juicy, ropy but not greasy, with unique fragrance and favored by people. In recent years, the okra has become not only a popular and best-selling vegetable in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Western countries, but also a preference of athletes from many countries in Africa. Moreover, it is health care food for the elderly. Seeds of okra can be used for extracting oil that is high-grade plant oil far better than sesame oil and peanut oil in nutrition and fragrance.

High nutritional value and suitable for everyone

Okra, containing a special ingredient with drug effect, can reinforce the kidney and tonify deficiency with an adjuvant effect on treating male organic disease. Therefore, it is a suitable vegetable for nutrition and health care and enjoys the good reputation of “plant Viagra”. In addition, the okra is rich in microelement such as zinc and selenium that can enhance the anti-cancer ability of human bodies. Rich in vitamin C and soluble fiber simultaneously, it not only has health-care effect, but also makes skin fair and tender.

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