Cherry tomato, also referred to as pocket tomato or mini tomato, belongs to Solanum of Solanaceae. They have various shapes such as round, pear and gooseberry types and colors such as red, pink, yellow, green and orange of which red constitutes the majority. Cherry tomatoes are considered as a kind of good health and nutritional food, especially in line with people’s pursuit of nature and health currently. Exquisite and delicate, cherry tomatoes have high sugar content (about 7°~8°), tasting sweet and fresh with unique flavor.


Cherry tomatoes are cultivated in the Farmer Park with fresh air, pure water and fertile soil and no pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides and hormone are used during their growth. They grow ripe gradually in accordance with natural laws of solar terms. Therefore, these cherry tomatoes are plump and juicy, tasting sweet and refreshing, properly as both fruits and vegetables to eat!


Shaped exquisite and mellow, even and plump, with bright color and fragrant aroma from the inside out, cherry tomatoes make people appetitive and coveted upon casting a glance and taking a sniff at it.


Fruits with best maturity are selected and distributed within 12 hours after being picked, thus they are guaranteed fresh and healthy.


 Also called “longevity fruit”, cherry tomatoes can improve the body resistance, delay senescence and help oxidation and cancer resistance because of its rich lycopene, vitamin, folic acid and glutathione.


With high fiber, low sugar and rich nutrition, cherry tomatoes have been venerated as saint products for beauty. Eating cherry tomato often can not only help toxin eliminating and weight reducing, but also contribute to maintaining skin glossy and fair and resisting caducity. On sweltering summer days, they can also improve the sun-resistant ability of bodies.

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