Grape Prince of Xintian Town, Delicious Champion of Anti-oxidant  

Health Tips:

Grapes contain a variety of minerals and amino acids that human body needs, with the functions of anti-aging, blood tonic and anti-cancer. In addition, grapes are mainly used for making wine, with 80% of the world’s grapes used for this purpose. With the increase of people’s health care awareness, more and more grapes are also made into fruit juice, thus becoming a kind of nutrition and health care fruit with delicious flavor and multiple-effects. They can not only treat various diseases, but also have the anti-virus effect when forming direct drinking grape juice.  

Summer Black Grapes:

Summer Black Grapes were originally grown in Japan as a hybrid of V. vinifera and V. Labrusca, also known as Summer Black Seedless and East Black Pearl grapes. As an excellent variety, they have many characteristics, like disease-resistance, high-yield, very early-mature (growing mature in the middle and late July), easy coloring, tolerance to storage and transportation, high sugar content and good flavor. The fruit cluster is cone-like, with each grape weighing 5-9g and the average weight of one cluster up to 500-1000g. The grapes are inserted closely, sub-orbicular in shape, purple black in color, easy coloring, with 17-21% TTS content and seedless. Summer Black grapes are not easy to be smashed due to their thick skin. They contain high sugar content and are more tolerant to storage and transportation than other general varieties. In addition, when growing mature, the fruit can stay in the grapevine for more than 60 days without cracking, falling off or color changing. In general, the Summer Black grapes can be managed at 20-22℃ to a maximum of 24℃. Many people call the Summer Black the “Super Sweet Grapes”.

Red Balado Grapes:

Balado Red Grapes belong to Vitis Vinifera with the parents: Bharati×Jingxiu. They have characteristics of large cluster with an average weight of 600g, the maximum of 2000g. The grapes are uniform in size, inserted in a medium-close way, ellipse in shape, and the heaviest grape reaches 12g. The grape skin is bright red and thin and able to be eaten with its crisp flesh. The fruit contains high sugar content of 23%, is scentless but tastes good. Balado Red Grapes are seldom to crack or fall and have the characteristics of early fruiting, high yield, and good resistance to diseases. The fruit begins to ripen at the end of July, belonging to the early maturing variety. The grapevine can still bear fruits till to November under the rain-shelter condition.    

Shine-Muscat Grapes:

Shine-Muscat Grapes are hybrid of V. vinifera and V. Labrusca. The fruit cluster is cone-like, with branch cluster. The average cluster weights 600-800g with the heaviest one 1500g. A grape weights 8-12g and is ellipse in shape, yellow green in color during the ripening time, with less fruit powder, thick skin, and medium vascular tissue, 20-26 % soluble solid content and strong rose fragrance, sweet and delicious. They were bred by the Department of Grape and Persimmon Research, National Institute of Fruit Tree Science, Akitsu, Hiroshima, Japan.

Zui Jin Xiang Grapes:

Zui Jin Xiang Grapes are also known as the Jasmine Flavor Grapes. The fruit has a strong jasmine fragrance,  moderate soft flesh and other characteristics such as palatability, good quality and more than 18% of soluble solid content. The grape is medium large, sweet and fragrant, excellent in quality. The cluster is cone-like. The fruit contains 16-18% soluble solid content with the golden part accounting for more than 20% and 0.5% titratable acid. The ripe fruit does not taste sour, but sweet and fragrant.

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