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    Under the guidance of plan for industrialization, urbanization and agricultural modernization in China’s 12th Five-Year Plan and ambitious goals for Central Plains Economic Region, the Farmer Park is constructed by Henan Xintian Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. wholly owned by Henan Xintian Real Estate Co., Ltd. with an investment of RMB 50 million Yuan as a leisure agriculture park for urban residents themed with farming culture display, farming experience, private farmland cultivation, organic fruit and vegetables pickup and lovely flowers viewing.  

    The Farmer Park, located in Xintian Town on Xisihuan Road in Zhengzhou, is planned to cover more than 700 mu land where over 170 mu was employed in Phase I construction, and has been put into operation since October 2013. The Farmer Park highlights the theme of “Tian” (farmland), integrates cultural elements and advocates experiencing agriculture, designed to become a wonderful place where people can embrace the nature, return to pastoral life and clean the soul so that urban residents can “live a farming life, embark on a soul journey and recall childhood memory” in their spare time.

    It is divided into several areas for farming culture display, cropland cultivation, organic fruit and vegetable planting, colorful flower field viewing, Chateau Marseille Photography Base and peasant family dining by function. Moreover, the Farmer Park won honorary titles such as Zhengzhou Three-Star Leisure Farm Park, HNTV Top Ten Beautiful Agriculture-themed Park, Executive Member of Zhengzhou Leisure Agriculture Association, Practice Teaching Base of North West Agriculture and Forestry University and Practice Teaching Base of Henan Agricultural University.

    Adhering to the philosophy of “New Garden”, the Farmer Park enables you to renew garden dream, learn to respect and revere the nature, and comprehend the truth of life in sowing and harvesting, truly experiencing “cultivation and harvest, leisure and sheer enjoyment”.  

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    Organic farming, tasting the authentic flavor of green healthy fruits and vegetables

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    Return to pastoral life, experience farming, and create a five-star vegetable garden

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